Creepy: Remanence of Typhoon Haiyan

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Creepy.”

This was taken last summer when I went home to the Philippines. I was having lunch with my family in Tacloban City, Leyte, Philippines where Typhoon Haiyan, the biggest and most severe storm ever recorded in history, hit most. It was about 1 year and half after the storm when I went visited. I was surprised that much of the city seemed to recover, aesthetically, due to so much international aid that came in during the most desperate times for the country. Looking closer though, there were still small signs of the horror and desperation that the city and province went through. I happened to notice the graffitied message when I was looking out the window of the restaurant and it gave me chills, only imagining how terrible it must have been to be in such a desperate position. Afraid that your city will literally burn to the ground. I will always be grateful that my family was spared, but will pray for all of the souls lost.

Remanence of Typhoon Haiyan

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2 thoughts on “Creepy: Remanence of Typhoon Haiyan

  1. It does look like something you would write at the end of the world :O

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