Baby Philippine Carabao (Filipino cow)


I took this picture of a baby Philippine Carabao 2 years ago when I went home to the Philippines. Before everyone freaks out, the reason why he’s in the small area is so that he can be fed and watered. Then they are usually taken back to an open location on the farm. Its rare to see a baby Philippine Carabao up-close like this, because most times the only interaction they have is with farmers that need help tending to their own farms.

This farm that my aunt took me to is for the production of Carabao milk. Its part of Leyte State University’s School of Agriculture. The baby carabao was obviously very skittish, but I made sure to keep my distance, at the same time get this amazing shot before the farmers fed him.

Loved this weeks photo challenge! 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Baby Philippine Carabao (Filipino cow)

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  3. Muuuuuhhhh, beautiful animal!


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