Tough Road


I apologize for my long absence from posting since school has eaten up all of my time. It’s been a tough semester mainly because of my health. I was stupid enough to not get my flu shot and in turn I got the flu, which caused my skin to break out excruciatingly. If you want to see what happened in more detail click Here. On the bright side I got a new phone (specifically the Samsung Galaxy 6s) and since the camera on this phone is borderline professional, I’m starting to take interest in cellphone photography. This allows me to continue my passion without having to carry around my heavy camera bag. Here is my first attempt. I’m still learning how my phone works in general so bare with me and as always thanks for still around and following my journey! ❤


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2 thoughts on “Tough Road

  1. johanna sharp on said:

    it’s gorgeous. . . i hope all is well with you now


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