Connected: In Conversation

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Connected.”


I always think that no matter how many social media sites we go on, no matter how many people we instant message online, the one thing that can really bring us together and fully connect us is plain old face-to-face conversation. I was sitting outside of Union Station inWashington D.C. today, waiting for the right moment to shoot a good picture for this weeks photo challenge, and it just so happened that these 4 men, of somewhat similar ages I presume, walked around me as they were talking. I didn’t catch what they were actually talking about, but I was quick enough to take this perfect moment of a simple conversation of friends (the fact that they were matching outfits just made it all the more perfect). Nowadays, all I see is everyone on their phones, doing absolutely nothing, but texting, playing games, and being completely and utterly separated from the world. This picture is something that I miss seeing in my daily life.

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2 thoughts on “Connected: In Conversation

  1. Nothing beats the human touch in interpersonal relationships. Some things work best in analog format. Great photograph and wonderful connection captured. x

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