Victoria, British Columbia, Canada (Part III)

Here is the series finale of my whole trip! The last set of pictures are from our continued adventure at night. If you think Victoria is beautiful during the day, you can’t even imagine at night. The pictures are not the best quality considering this night shoot wasn’t planned and I didn’t have my tripod with me, so taking pictures were a big hassle. I would like to think I did the best I could under the conditions I was in, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

If you notice in the picture of the Legislative Building, there are bright lights encompassing the outline of the building. During a visit by Queen Victoria, as a gift to her those lights represented diamonds that sparkled as bright as the Queen herself.

The Empress is the luxury hotel of Victoria. It is where you go for your all too famous afternoon tea and crumpets. Originally opened in 1908, it serves as the epicenter for all things luxurious. Stars from all over the world stay at this very hotel. It was considered for demolition in 1965, but because of its Edwardian era history and beauty, they decided to completely renovate it into the beautiful hotel it is today. They also have night-time horse-drawn carriages if you decide you want a slow, but delightful nighttime stroll in the city.

Overall it was an amazing experience, one that I will never forget. I have already added it to my bucket list to go back one day. If you get the chance, please visit Victoria, it is worth every penny.

To catch up with my amazing 1-week adventure click here to check out Part I and Part II. ALSO, check out my hiking adventure in Juneau, Alaska where I hiked for 9 hours straight to and on a glacier here: Part I youtube video; Part II youtube video.

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