Victoria, British Columbia, Canada (Part I)

Here is the start to a 3-part-series of the beautiful and breathtaking Victoria, Canada.

Small Backstory: My family and I actually ended up at this part of British Columbia by accident. Originally, we were supposed to stay at a bed and breakfast in Vancouver City, but we found out (a blessing in disguise) from one of our tour guides during our cruise that Victoria was actually on Vancouver Island and not Vancouver City.  When we docked in Vancouver City, we our lugged our 4 luggage on their metro (which was absolutely clean by the way) to the station that held the bus stop going to the ferry. We got off the metro, waited for the bus for about 30 minutes, got on it, bought a ferry ticket to Vancouver Island, sailed on a very beautiful ferry for about 1 hr and 30 minutes, took another bus for another 45 minutes to Victoria and walked another 3 blocks to our destination. Needless to say it was an adventure just to get to our Bed and Breakfast. It ended up being 5 hours long.

BUT, because it was Canada, one of the nicest places on earth, the whole transit there was absolutely pleasant. Everyone was EXTREMELY friendly and helpful and their public transportation was so efficient, it made me jealous to live in the United States sometimes with the broken down public transportation we have. When we finally had the day to explore the city, we didn’t regret one moment of the trek. Victoria is probably one of the most beautiful cities I have every been to and I urge EVERYONE  to visit Canada (especially Victoria) at least once in their lifetime! It is worth every once of the trip! 🙂 Enjoy!

To see more of Victoria join my flickr and get the latest updates whenever and wherever! Thanks for all the support! Flickr Portfolio

To also learn a bit more about Victoria, check out my first post about Victoria from a month ago while I was still there!

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