Behind the Ice Cave

Before we spent the next 3-4 hours hiking back to the van, we walked into an ice cave, one of the few that were left. I crawled in and shot as many pictures of it as I could, but only three came out that were good enough to post.

I’m also posting a few pictures from my GoPro of the hike on the glacier itself. Obviously the quality is not the best, but due to the situation I was in, I didn’t want to try to take out my camera while walking on ice.

The whole hiking trip itself was such a hard, exhausting, difficult, but magical experience that I will NEVER forget. Hopefully one day I will come back and hike it all again before it is too late.

Entrance into the Ice Cave Into the Ice Cave Deep in the Ice Cave

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2 thoughts on “Behind the Ice Cave

  1. Wow! Amazing colours

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