Mendenhall Glacier, Juneau, Alaska

Here is the next batch of photos on the next stop of the trip. This was the pinnacle of the whole entire trip because this was where my father and I spent a whopping 9 HOURS hiking through one of the hardest trails I have ever experienced. Also called Mendenhall Glacier, it is the #1 attraction of Juneau. There are several ways to get there: helicopter, a 1 mile trail near the visitor center, or the hardest (but best) way possible-hiking through slippery rocks, climbing mountains, and sifting through the rainforest, just to name a few.

Unfortunately due to climate change, we are starting to lose this glacier among others. Our hiking leader said that they won’t know if they would be able hold these types of excursions anymore, as it might be too dangerous to reach the glacier in a couple of years (so if you want your chance to say that you conquered this ultimate trail, than get your plane ticket to Alaska and get going! It is a once in a lifetime experience). It is safe to say we got here just in time.

Mendenhall Glacier Lake Our Hiking Gear

If you want to see more of the first part of my hike then head over to my Youtube Channel. All recording was done by GoPro!Mendenhall Glacier

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