The Severn River's Serenity

You listen as the water hits the dock ever so calmly and you realize that you are alone with your thoughts; your fears, your happiness, your anger, everything that you pushed back into the deep depths of your conscience up until now. You take a deep breath and relish in the cool sea air filling your lungs.  You watch as water fouls swim their way to shore, taking their sweet time as if they have no worries in the world, the seagull fly a few feet in front of you, wishing that you can grow wings and fly with it. Sitting on the dock, you can’t help but wonder your place in this world, but at the same time a small duck just quacked at you and you realize you’re thinking too much and not taking in enough.

Lost in Thoughts

You see the ripples dissipate into memory, realizing that each second you sit in the cool afternoon air, is a second you can never get back, but you realize, by sitting here, you are creating that memory; filling those seconds with the reflecting calm water, the small birds that fly or swim past you, the cold early winter air hitting your face, and the warm sunset as it contrasts with the cold air.

Walking Memories

Your mind becomes clearer, calmer, more centered. You wish that you can sit here forever, taking in the scenery that you have been blessed with, but you also know that the minute you step out of that dock, reality steps back into your life, and you again begin to think about the next plan in your agenda. You understand though, that same step is another opportunity to change this world, to make it better, to make it your own. You get up, take it all in one more time, and walk towards that opportunity.

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